Welcome to Soulful Sunday! I love playing about with hand lettering and so for a bit of fun, I decided that every other Sunday I would give away a little bit of my hand lettering doodles to help inspire and uplift other creative souls out there. You can sign up to the Soulful Sunday club, to receive the free printables straight to your inbox below, or on each blog post. Hope you enjoy them….

Blossom – Free Printable #9

Time for another free printable folks! A little bit late this week as it's been a busy busy time but it's a lovely little word - blossom! I feel like my life is blossoming at the moment and a lot of things I have been planning have come to fruition. It's a lovely...

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Believe – FREE Printable #6

Hi Creative Souls! This is a reminder to never ever stop believing. I love the quote "If you believe you can, or believe you can't, you are probably right." So it's a no brainer to believe you can right!? I have always dreamed big and believe that somehow someday it...

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Namaste – FREE printable #4

Yep, this week the fourth #soulfulsunday illustration I have done is a Namaste one - I know a bit cliche but it's for all the lovely yogic soulful entrepreneurs out there! I love yoga and I love the meaning of this word... "The Spirit within me salutes the Spirit in...

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