Quick Branding & Web Assesment

£40 for the 1st 5 people (introductory offer)

You are a creative soul who really likes to get stuck in and try the DIY approach to your online business, which is great! You are feeling a little bit stuck and need a little guidance as to how best you can move forward.

After telling me what it is you’d like to currently focus on in your soulful business you will then get five suggestions on how you can move forward and make your online presence look wonderful and reach out to the hearts of the people you are aiming towards. My suggestions will cover your visual identity, website design and structure, social media integration, e-commerce suggestions, content suggestions and more.

You will receive:

  • A report highlighting the five suggestions on how you can move forward now.
  • A short personal recording with an explanation and message from me!

If you would like a Quick Branding & Web Assessment then please fill out this online form and I will get back to you very soon to confirm and take payment.