Hey folks – so here is another monochrome illustration (loving the monochrome at the mo) for you today – BE GRATEFUL!!!!

I am feeling particularly grateful at the moment for things that are coming to fruition in my life and I think it’s a great thing, especially when things are going well to focus on gratitude and taking time in thought to be amazed by the wonderful things in your life. The more you are grateful, the more flows your way – honestly I know this as I have tried it many times! The old thing of whatever you focus on comes your way.

So at the moment I am grateful for my beautiful and crazy boys, being married to my best friend, supportive friends and family, living in a lovely location and the opportunity to move to another amazing place in the world for a long wished for family adventure, the opportunity to make a living doing what I love (designing, illustrating and inspiring!) and good health.

What are you grateful for in your life today? Get your free printable and pin it up on your wall or workspace to remind you to take that time to make an attitude of gratitude. Take a pic of your print out and post with #soulfulsunday on Instagram to tell us what you are grateful for right now in your life. Also share and send to friends who might like it too. Share the love people! And Enjoy.