As I work from home it means I spend most of my time at home so I really like to be surrounded my beautiful inspirational things. I also like the things in my house to be either ethical, or have some connection with nature as much as I can to bring the outdoors, indoors.  I had a quick scoot around my home to find my favourite pieces of design, so here goes…

  1. Cole and Son Palm Leaves wallpaper

We got this wallpaper 6 months after we moved into our house, only because it took me that long to persuade my other half! I love it because it brings lots of greenery into our living room without having lots of plants to look after, although I know plants would be better really. I keep thinking about changing that wall but can’t actually do it, my house wouldn’t be the same!







2. Anorak Kissing Stags Changing bag

Yes a few of these bits and pieces are baby/ toddler related as being a mum that is at home with my little boy while juggling various creative projects it no surprise really. This was my birthday present from my dad when i was pregnant with my little boy and I have had so much use out of it. I love the funky design, how it is so practical and I haven’t seen any other mums with the same one. In fact I have had a few comments about it at various baby groups!

Anorak are a really cool company who’s mission is to ‘encourage people to bring a touch of the outdoors inside and a touch of the indoors outside’. I like that.



3. Growing Together Print

I LOVE this as it was a wedding present from our dear friends in London and is personalised with details about me and my husband. At the time our friends lived in Brighton and got it from a studio there but you can now get the same print and other similar prints from the graphic artist Oliver Hyde on Not on the High Street website here








4. Phaidon Rose Bakery Recipe Book

First of all I really like the simple design of Phaidon books, well the ones I have anyway. They always just look clean simple and modern and like all good design timeless.

This recipe book from Rose Bakery in France is just so different to usual recipe books. The layout inside is really simple and the photography is really down to earth. The recipes are awesome too and include some vegan ones which I like. I use it lots for baking which makes me happy!

We also have a couple of Phaidon Wallpaper city guides although we haven’t actually been to the cities yet. You can check out the range of city travel guides here




5. Method Multi-Surface Cleaner

Bit of a boring one but I really like the design of this range of eco-friendly cleaning products. I like how they use the simple white fonts and bring colour into the design through brightly colored sprays. The little logo’s are cute too and it’s all planet friendly and looks really modern.

They have even teamed up with textile designer Orla Kiely for some funky hand wash!








6. All in a Day Book

This book is just lovely. It was given as a gift to my son and the graphics are just amazing and they compliment a really inspirational story too.

The illustrator draws onto black card then cuts it out, scans it in and then adds colour behind. A really intricate and unusual illustration effect that looks stunning in print.







7. Eric Carle’s Little learning library

Another one from my son’s book shelf and many of you will recognise this style from The Hungry Caterpillar book which has been around for years.

I just love the simple childlike collage effect graphics and bright colours. And my son likes the too so that’s a bonus!