Welcome to the first soulful sunday blog post with my very first free printable. I have been playing for the last few months and experimenting with hand lettering and some inspiring quotes and I would like to share them with alkl you creative souls out there.

Each fortnight I am going to be putting up a new printable which will be available as a free download for 2 weeks only, until the next one comes along. All you need to do to receive your free piece of artwork is pop your email in the email box below. Oh and I would be extremely grateful if you could share them with your friends and family too, just in case they would like a free printable to inspire them too 🙂

I think these printables look nice in an A4 frame like in the photo which was bought from Matalan (UK) for only £5 and would make a great gift for a friend, but they can also be used as screensavers, inspiring cards on your vision board or wherever you think they would look best!

The first one “Whatever lights you up, do it more” is what I feel I am all about in my businesses (Both Creative Soul & Parent Tribe). I have been studying a lot recently on my purpose and business goals and I feel that really it comes down to working with people to try and inspire them to do what they love, what lights them up inside. When you are doing what you love and coming from that place where you are lit up inside then you just can’t help make other peoples lives better. So in my head, if everyone follows their dreams, their calling, the world would be a lot happier place wouldn’t it!?

So… whatever lights you up, you go and bloody do it more! I would love for you to share what lights you up in the comments below this post or on the Creative Soul Facebook page. Is it your family or a hobby? Have you made your passion your job? Are you inspiring your friends, family, kids to do the same? Share your story and inspire others! And I really hope you enjoy my illustration and it reminds you to go on doing what lights you up! And can I remind you again to please share, share, share this with your friends – I’d love to share my work with as many people as I possible!

** This printable has now expired but if you want to join the #soulfulsunday club to get a free printable every fortnight then pop your email in the box below and you will receive the latest illustration plus every other going forward!