Happy new year to everyone! So the mayans didn’t predict the end of the world but maybe the start of a new era? These are my thoughts anyway. An era where hopefully we have the opportunity to change, and there are many tools to help us.

I wanted to start the new year off with good intention and have just read a very interesting book called ‘Dare to Care – A Love-based foundation for money and finance’. It’s a very interesting book where the author Louis Bohtlingk dares to suggest that the world economy could be healed if everyone took a ‘care first’ attitude. Although we may be a long way off I liked the principles and it’s definitely the way I want to go with Creative Soul. Here is an excerpt from the book…

We apply care-first when we put care first and let money serve that care.

We apply money-first when we put money first at the expense of what we care about.

I see money-first and care first as the two aspects of our test with money.

In a care-first world, we use money in service of our caring, our values, and our passion.

We use it in service of the well-being of ourselves, each other and the earth. Care-first creates a love-based economy.

In a money-first world we use money at the expense of our caring, our values, and our passion.

We use it at the expense of the well-being of ourselves, of each other, and of the Earth. Money-first creates a fear-based economy.

As we enter the money-first aspect of our life and culture, we meet an illusion. We look for money without looking for caring, life, and spirit and hope to find something but enter emptiness and find nothing. This can lead to anger frustration and can open the careless and destructive side of our nature.

As we enter the care-first aspect of our life and culture, we meet truth. When we aim for caring, life, and spirit and use money to serve that aim, we enter fullness and find everything. This leads to satisfaction, happiness and opens the caring and constructive side of our nature.

Care-first stabilises the world, because it stabilises our psyche. Care-first sustains the world because it sustains us. Money-first destabilises the world and is not sustainable

Can you see what will happen to our world when we move from a money-first to a care-first attitude?

To read the book you can buy it from Cygnus books here http://www.cygnus-books.co.uk/dare-to-care-louis-bohtlingk.html