In my recent blog post about Marketing for a higher purpose I touched on the use of colour as an important factor in connecting with your audience. I would now like to delve a bit further into this and go through the different colours and what emotions they bring about in people.

Different colours can bring about different feelings in us, they may make you feel uplifted, inspired or maybe even a bit down. Bright colours tend to energise, while muted colours are relaxing. Colour therapy uses the principles of eastern medicine and many ancient cultures whereby the healing is based around chakras in our body. There are seven main chakras, each chakra is associated with a colour and also brings a different energy or feeling.

Knowing how colours can effect our moods and feelings can help you decide which colours feel right for your enterprise and sit well with your brand values. Here are the main colours and what feelings they can bring to people.


Red is a symbol of strength, courage, passion and love. It is a colour that is simulating and so grabs our attention. Red can also help us to feel grounded, secure and safe.

Red is great for logo’s to be eye-catching or is great for using as a call to action on marketing material or signage.


Orange enhances creativity, vitality and sensuality. It stimulates socialisation and creates opportunity. Orange is also associated with joy, happiness and pleasure. It is an all round fun colour.

Orange is great for businesses that are trying to be fun and light-hearted that may be focused on children or social events.


Yellow is a symbol of universal love that brings light and growth to our life. It . It is bright, empowering and encourages positive thinking and optimism.

Yellow is good to use in contrast with other colours to grab attention or in brands that want a bright and positive approach.


Green is the most relaxing color for our brain to interpret and connects us to nature. It is a natural healing color and therefore is soothing to the body, mind and spirit. Green links us to our love for the earth and to new growth.

Green is an obvious colour for businesses with an environmental message or a focus on nature.


Blue represents truth and communication. It also brings a calming energy that aids relaxation and helps to quiet the mind. In ancient healing blue is said to help us express ourselves peacefully and truthfully.

Blue is good for businesses that people need to place their trust in such as banks or insurance. It is also great for businesses with a focus on communication and networking.


Purple is the color of transformation which is said to connect us to our spiritual self. It’s thought to encourage intuition, wisdom, mastery and mental strength and focus. It is also a very regal and luxurious colour with a mysterious, sophisticated feel.

Purple is often used in businesses which wants to portray a luxurious high-end feel or may have a focus on spirituality.


Pink symbolises love and the feminine nature. In ancient healing it also, like green, links us to love and has a very peaceful effect.

Pink is an obvious choice for businesses with a feminine or pretty approach for example girls toys/ clothes.


Brown connects us to an earthly simplicity and has a very natural feel. It must be used carefully to create the right feel as some shades of brown may be associated with dirt and mud. Used correctly though brown can give a very sophisticated yet simplistic feel.

Brown can be used for any business which may want to portray a simple, natural and down-to-earth approach.

Neutral Colours


Black brings about a timeless and sophisticated feel. It has a classic feel to it and will bring about an image of prestige.

Black is great for businesses that want to promote expensive and classic products and can also give across an edgy feel.


White is a symbol of purity and peace. It also represents cleanliness and simplicity.

White is often used in health care and also for baby and children’s products. It may also be used successfully in spiritual focused businesses.


When starting a new venture or re-branding an existing business or enterprise it is useful to take time to really think about what feelings you’d like to evoke in your target audience and choose colours that reflect this. This way you will be able to be true to your core values and hopefully connect with the people that matter most.