For a while I have been meaning to find the time to start blogging about what’s going on in the mind of this ‘Creative Soul’ and thought today was a great place to start as it was our 2nd West Cumbria Jelly event.

Some may be asking ‘What is Jelly?’. Well, Jelly is a co-working event that started in NYC and has spread all over the world where people who work from home (and therefore may miss the interaction with others) can meet up with other homeworkers in an informal and friendly environment. Kind of like networking, but less formal, and you can bash on with some work if you want/need to! To find out more about Jelly view their website

So yeh I kind of stumbled across Jelly recently when my friend Charlotte (!/Srch_Strategist) introduced me to the concept and we decided Cockermouth might be a good place to start one. So we did! And we found there was a lot of interest in homeworkers wanting to meet up with each other and share ideas, it’s great and quite exciting!

I have already found it really beneficial as a group of us have been talking about doing some work together and it is just really inspiring to meet other people who work on their own and make a success of it. My ethos is that everyone should strive to do what they enjoy doing, in their own time and not be stuck in a job that makes them miserable and just ‘pays the bills’. Running West Cumbria Jelly has shown me that there are a lot of people in the local area who think similar and that it can work if you put your heart and mind into it and, of course, surround yourself with people who are like minded. I have found most other home workers want to support each other and share ideas so it’s great to know your not on your own.

This is us at The Coffee Kitchen ( in Cockermouth today enjoying the lovely teas/ coffees and of course chocolate brownies! Here is a list of the attendees (from left to right)

And would also like to mention the other attendees that weren’t around for the photo!